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Annual General Meeting 2014 - Minutes

Friday 04 April 2014, 7:00pm

Eldon Leisure Centre - Squash Court

1. Present

Adam Coates, Alan Coates, Asmat Ullah Bajwa, Clare Woroniuk, Eric Mok, Guy Eniona, Henry Darragh, Istvan Soos, James Gilbert, Mark Manuel, Martin Bone, Peter Downs, Ryan Richardson, Steve Drummond, Wayne Hollywood

2. Apologies

Richard Adamson, David Blackett, Mark Steven

3. Welcome
Eric Mok welcomed everyone to the first Eldon Leisure Squash Club AGM

4. Election of Officers

The following officers were elected:

Chair: Eric Mok

Secretary: Claire Woroniuk

League Secretary: Adam Coates

Team Manager: Eric Mok

The following committee members were elected:

Asmat Ullah Bajwa

David Blackett

James Gilbert

Martin Bone

Steve Drummond

Wayne Hollywood

5. Discussion of Proposals

a. Club Championship 2014 (proposed by Eric Mok) – Martin Bone volunteered as the organiser for this and all future tournaments.  Agreed tournament date 30 May - 1 June 2014.  Later than usual April due to busy County Squash calendar.  

b. Annual Court Cleaning (proposed by Eric Mok) – Wayne Hollywood volunteered as the organiser for this.  Agreed this is to be scheduled between August and September before the new Squash season starts.

c. Club shirts and other garments (proposed by Eric Mok) –James Gilbert volunteered to act as the liaison with Just Sports. 

d. Eldon Leisure Website (proposed by Eric Mok) – David Blackett volunteered (by email) to be the webmaster.  Steve Drummond also volunteered to help maintaining the website.

e. Full time membership for unlimited access to squash courts (proposed by Asmat Ullah Bajwa) – Agreed the pricing structure is set by the council across a number of leisure centre with the Newcastle council and therefore it will be unlikely to change.

f. PSA Squash TV group membership for Eldon Leisure Squash Club
(proposed by Asmat Ullah Bajwa) – Discussed due to the possible small number of interests, this would be unlikely.  Asmat would investigate this possibility of this.  It was noted that discount is currently available for all England Squash and Racketball members.

6. Any other Business

  • Asmat Ullah Bajwa proposed more social media (e.g. Whatsapp) should be used to promote Squash at Eldon and keep members up to date.  Agreed this is a good idea and Steve Drummond volunteered to take this forward .

  • Asmat Ullah Bajwa proposed Eldon Leisure Squash Club Squash Calendar should be made available.  Eric Mok stated this is currently available on the ELS website but it hasn’t been updated regularly.  Agreed this should be looked into as a part of the website and social media update

  • Istvan Soos questioned how we could encourage people to play more league games.  Wayne Hollywood/Eric Mok explained there is already a rule to penalise players who don’t return calls or refuse to play. It was agreed it’s a general problem across many clubs.  James Gilbert suggested all team players should participate and Alan Coates/Eric Mok explained this will not be possible due to some players can only play in certain time and days of the week.  Adam Coates agreed to look into ways to encourage players to play more games.

  • Eric Mok proposed the photos and message boards can be put up outside the Squash courts to generate more interests and enhance the atmosphere of the club.  Wayne Hollywood/Alan Coates volunteered to put these together.

  • Eric Mok proposed ELS to put 2 teams out for the County Summer League.  Martin Bone and Guy Eniona volunteered to be the captain for the teams.

Meeting finished at 7:50pm.