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Annual General Meeting 2015 - Minutes

Friday 05 June 2015, 7:30pm 

Eldon Leisure Centre - Squash Courts

1. Present 

Richard Adamson, Martin Bone, Umer Chughtai, Adam Coates, Alan Coates, Pete Downs, Guy Jepson, Mark Manuel, Shef Popat, Mark Steven, Andrew Webber, Clare Woroniuk.

2. Apologies

Eric Mok, Asmat Ullah Bajwa, Vera Wealleans, Steve Drummond, Nigel Miller.

3. Welcome

Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and advised that Chair and Team manager Eric Mok had taken the decision to stand down; we’d like to thank him for the enormous contribution he has made to the club.

4. Minutes of previous AGM, 4th April 2014 

Minutes of the AGM from 4th April 2014 were discussed and agreed, no matters arose. Action to make these available on the website Adam Coates/Steve Drummond.

5. Treasurer’s Report- Shef Popat 

Closing balance £822.61 June 2015. A detailed balance sheet will follow these minutes.

6. League Secretary’s Report- Adam Coates 

The number of league members has decreased over the past year from 90-68 since club membership was activated, however this has led to more active leagues as most league members now play more frequently. For players who cannot play in the leagues for long periods an option to make it easier to drop in and out of the leagues was discussed. Adam Coates will look into this.

7. Constitution of the Committee

It was agreed that the officer posts in the Club Constitution will be Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, League Secretary, Team Manager, Child Protection Officer and General Member Officers.

8. Election of Officers 

The following officers were elected

Chair : Martin Bone 

Secretary : Clare Woroniuk 

Treasurer : Shef Popat 

League Secretary : Adam Coates 

Team Manager : Martin Bone 

Child Protection Officer : Nigel Miller  

General Member Officers

Richard Adamson

Steve Drummond (webmaster)

Guy Jepson

Mark Manuel

Mark Steven

Asmat Ullah Bajwa

Vera Wealleans

9. Discussion of Proposals

9.1 For a single scoring system in the leagues.

Proposed by Vera Wealleans Seconder Adam Coates

International, national, team and many squash clubs have moved to the American scoring system, we should drop the old antiquated 1st to 9 option currently allowed for league matches. It may prevent disputes if one player wants to play the old system and another wants to play the new, we should move to one system and make everything uniform.

The decision was reached that, in the event of a dispute regarding the league match scoring system PAR 15 will be the method used. The rules will be amended on the website and on the club wall.

9.2 Should team players be required to play in the Eldon leagues?

Proposed by Mark Steven Seconder Clare Woroniuk

Following lengthy discussion as to whether team players should be required to play in the leagues or whether they should be encouraged to play in the leagues and use the ladder. 

A vote was taken, the decision reached was that team players should be encouraged to play in the leagues and use the ladder.

9.3 Annual Court Cleaning

Proposed by Eric Mok,

Mark Steven will coordinate volunteers for court cleaning which has been proposed to take place over four Sundays in August in time for the new squash season.

10. Any Other Business

Lack of Committee Member attendance at meetings. Raised by Mark Manuel

It was agreed that committee members who do not attend 3 meetings in a row will be asked to step down from the committee.

Should Walker be combined with Eldon and renamed Eldon 4? Raised by Alan Coates

The decision was reached to discuss this at a later meeting when Steve Drummond is present.

Meeting finished 8:45pm