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ELS Team Squash Weekly Recap # 6

posted 25 Oct 2014, 04:16 by Eldon Leisure Squash
Eldon 1st Team   

Opponent: Northern 3   

Result: 4-1 loss   

Match Review: A narrow loss for Eldon, with 3 of the games going to 3-2 in favour of Northern. Eldon 1 sit 4th in the table.   

Eldon 3rd  Team   

Opponent: Tynemouth 4   

Result: 5-0 loss   

Match Review: A loss to a very strong Tynemouth team left Eldon 3 8th in the table with 3 defeats this the season.   

Eldon Ladies Team   

Opponent: 1. Tynemouth Ladies 3  2.Concordia   

Result: 1. 3-2 loss  2. 3-2 win   

Match Review: Eldon Ladies sit 1st in the table after 2 strong performances.