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posted 25 May 2015, 05:35 by Eldon Leisure Squash   [ updated 29 May 2015, 06:46 ]

Eldon Leisure Squash Club Annual General Meeting 2015

Friday 5th June, 7:30pm

Eldon Leisure Squash Courts

     All are encouraged to attend.     


1. Welcome      

2. Present      

3. Apologies      

4. Minutes of previous AGM, 4th April 2014      

5. Treasurer’s Report- Shef Popat      

6. League Secretary’s Report- Adam Coates      

7. Constitution of the Committee   

8. Election of Officers  

9. Discussion of Proposals        

9.1 For a single scoring system in the leagues.        

International, national, team and many squash clubs have moved to the American scoring system, we should drop the old antiquated 1st to 9 option currently allowed for league matches. It may prevent disputes if one player wants to play the old system and another wants to play the new, we should move to one system and make everything uniform. 

Proposed by Vera Wealleans Seconder Adam Coates

9.2 Should team players be required to play in the Eldon leagues?

Proposed by Mark Steven Seconder Clare Woroniuk

9.3 Annual Court Cleaning

Proposed by Eric Mok

10. Any Other Business