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Eldon Leisure Open Day

posted 12 Jan 2011, 04:09 by Eldon Leisure Squash   [ updated 12 Jan 2011, 04:20 ]
Eldon Leisure Centre is having an Open Day on Saturday 29 January 2011 (10:00am - 2:00pm).  There will be a number of free activities including Climbing Tasters, Dance Mats Tasters, Football, Dodge ball, Baseket Ball Hoops, Circuit Training, Spin Cycling, Kids Gym Induction (13 - 15 yrs), Fitness Inductions, In-Body MOT, Rowing Challenge, Cycling Challenge, New Age Bowls Target.
The main event of the day is Zumba and Aerobathon, which will be in aid of The Bubble Appeal and priced at £10 per ticket.
Come along and enjoy different activities!!!!  Please contact Eldon Leisure Reception for more information.