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posted 8 Sep 2014, 11:17 by Eldon Leisure Squash   [ updated 11 Sep 2014, 10:28 ]

As you may be aware, Eldon Leisure Centre has recently changed ownership from Newcastle City Council to North Country Leisure.

This has a number of impact to the previous Squash Club set up provided by Eldon Leisure Centre, which no longer available under North Country Leisure.
Some of you may also be aware that a group of Squash players at Eldon Leisure Centre have put a lot of efforts in establishing and maintaining a community environment for everyone.  In continuing these efforts, we have put a proposal forward to Eldon Leisure Centre on 26/08/2014 that a formal Eldon Leisure Squash Club is to be formed, which was approved.
The Eldon Leisure Squash Club will be run by the club committee, formed earlier this year and consist of Squash players at Eldon.  The elected committee members will be responsible to maintain the community atmosphere and improve upon, ensure Squash players at Eldon Leisure Centre have access to atmosphere and activities similar to a private Squash club.  These includes the internal box league, club championship, club teams, junior coaching / competitions, training sessions, etc...
The membership fee for joining Eldon Leisure Squash Club is:
  • Adult  - £15 a year
  • Junior - £5 a year
The benefits of joining the Eldon Leisure Squash Club includes:
  • Automatically enrolled as England Squash and Racketball (ESR) member
  • Able to participate in the internal box league
  • Able to participate in the Annual Club Championship (Subject to entrance fee)
  • Able to participate in the Eldon Leisure Squash Teams (depending on ability)

The collected fund will be used towards running the Eldon Leisure Squash Club.  Please note that you will still need to subscribe to the North Country Leisure BeActive if you want to take advantage of the discounted hiring of courts.  The Eldon Leisure Squash Club will have not direct association with Eldon Leisure Centre.

The Eldon Leisure Squash Club membership will start taking effect from 05 Oct 2014, when the next internal box league starts soon after.  If you are interested in joining the Eldon Leisure Squash Club, please get in touch with one of the committee member (listed below) or write directly to

(Please note, anyone not joined the Eldon Leisure Squash Club will be removed from the internal box league automatically.)

The committee members are:

  • Chairman and Team Manager – Eric Mok
  • Secretary – Clare Woroniuk
  • League Secretary – Adam Coates
  • Committee Members – Martin Bone, James Gilbert, Steve Drummond, Wayne Hollywood, Asmat Ullah Bajwa

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact

Thank you very much.