Squash Ladder

The Eldon Leisure Squash Ladder is here! 

The Ladder can be found on the notice board in the squascourts from 16/08/2014 and will be regularly updated.

This is a good old fashion Squash Ladder allowing you to challenge players above you with no time-limit!

The Ladder is a good way to prove your ability against others.  It will also be used as an indication when it comes to team selection and club championship seeding. 

There are just a few rules:
  • You can challenge players up to 3 places above yourself.
  • There is no time-limit or restrictions on venue; play whenever, where-ever.
  • If the lower rank player wins the challenge, he/she moves to the higher ranked players position and everyone else in between move down.  For example, if Player B (ranked 8th) beat Player A (ranked 5th), Player B moves to the 5th place and Player A moves to 6th, with the others previously in between move to 7th and 8th.
  • All box league matches, team matches and tournament matches count. Friendlies will be counted by mutual consensus.
  • The initial position cannot be disputed!  Just get challenging!
  • Enjoy!

There is a limited number of places on the ladder! If you are interested in proving you are one of the top players in Eldon and are not already on the ladder, email eldonsquash@gmail.com.

(Picture = Ladder as of 1/5/15)