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2014-2015 3rd Team Season Review

A topsy-turvy season for the 3rd team. With 4 debutantes to team squash it took us a while to get ourselves going.

Building on his Summer 2014 success Guy played the first half of the season in the no.1 spot with a mixed bag of results. Some inspiring squash mixed with the baffling. Wayne was the player of the first half winning 6 out of his 8 league games before Christmas looking like more of a composed Tasmanian Devil. The team however only managed 3 wins out of 9 before the break leaving us languishing near the foot of the table. The best match, as it often the case, was against Tynemouth Social, a very narrow 3-2 loss with Wayne staging an immense comeback against Steve Cubbins only to lose the 5th.

It was time for a reshuffle as Christmas to see whether we could improve results. With Fran looking bored pummeling opponents 3-0 at the no.5 position it was time for him to step up to the mark and he continued his good form in the no.2 spot only dropping 2 games in the whole season. With Richard joining the 2nd team it also meant we had the magic of Milo back in the 3rd team at the no.1 spot. Despite the occasional throwing of the odd game (due to Taiwanese overseas betting), Milo gets the title of the player of the 2nd half of the season, as he won every match he played in 2015 for the 3rds . A new, fitter Asmat started hitting some good form in 2015 as well winning all 4 of his matches. Andrew Webber joined in the team games and his enthusiasm was infectious, if everyone in the team had the hunger and spirit for team squash as Andrew we'd all be leaving the matches with huge smiles on our faces. A very welcome addition to the team, he got his first win under his belt against Chester le Street, there will be many more. The team fared much better in the second half of the season winning 6 out of the 9 matches. The best point of the season was doing the double over the two Tynemouth teams. 

Despite a great run in 2015 the slow start before Christmas meant we finished 5th place in the league with 216 points.

Honorable Mention: 
Hannah Thompson. She, without doubt, plays the slickest squash in the team and had some amazing matches this season (the highlight being the Steve Bell encounter). The results did not quite go her way, but her move to London will mean she will be sorely missed in the Northumberland team squash circles.

Player of the season:
Fran Luquin. He only played 7 matches this season, but won all 7 of them losing just two games, well done that man Fran. El Torrrero was heard from the stands throughout the season however El Conejito de Duracell describes his movement around the court better.

James Gilbert (2nd Team Captain)