To Do

Things To Add                                                                                          (red = done)

  1. Photos from 2011 Club Championship. Added day1 and 3 photos [SPD]. Still need to find day 2.
  2. Additional 2014 Club Championship information. This is stuff that was added to old site after this test site was created. [SPD]
  3. Reports for 2011,2012 and 2014 Club Champs
  4. Court cleaning photos (I'm sure me and Eric will take some in the cleaning sessions) [AC]
  5. Photos on shop (waiting on James Gilbert) Done [AC]
  6. Copy all of the test gallery contents over to the gallery and remove test gallery from nav bar.[AC]
  7. Add Blade Racket Prices and pics to Eldon Shop
  8. Player/committee member photos where possible (ask for permission?)
  9. Add photos to gallery section (Manchester Squash Trip, Junior etc)
  10. Club Champs 2015 info. Done [AC]
  11. 2014-2015 Team Reports. Ladies and 1st team done [AC] 2nd and 3rd team needed
  12. Ladies team running order for 2014-2015

Things To Fix

  1. Team Squash Pages Still need some work. Could do with a few pictures. (Added a team news section with match details [AC]
  2. Club Championship pages need links adding/fixing.(I can't find any issues, fixed? [AC])This does appear to be ok now.[SPD]
  3. Aspect ratio of the 2013 Gallery link picture needs adjusting. [SPD] Fixed [AC]
  4. Club shop and court prices tables need updating. Fixed [AC]


  1. Move "Eldon Shop" to under Club Information and call it "Club Shop"[SPD]
  2. Not a fan of the search bar, I think the site is organized enough so that everything is easy to find without it.[AC] I agree. Disabled the header and the search went with it [SPD]

Notes Put anything here that you think may be useful for others editing site.

  1. Good help site -
  2. Please leave site layout width at a fixed value not a %, 990px (old site was set to this) seems to be a good value to give good screen coverage. Using a fixed width makes it easier to maintain the layout of pages when zooming in and out. [SPD]
  3. When creating a photo album don't forget to set the sharing.  Without sharing we can still see slide shows but a normal user can't. Preview page as viewer doesn't work properly. 
  4. Tried to add some php code to a test page and it was removed on save. Need to look into this as need php or js to do online ladder.