Report Day 1

The seeds had a relatively comfortable 1st round with all bare 1 seeds winning 3-0 on Friday. The one upset came in the match between training partners and Walker team mates Alan Coates (5/8 seed) and Pete Downs. Pete took the match 3-1 and in doing so set up a father and son match up in the plate 1st round between Alan and Adam Coates. 2nd seed Milo had to wait until Saturday morning to start his title charge!

The top 2 seeds, Istvan Soos and Seth Ridley, had a chance to scout out their potential opponents as they had byes to the quarter finals. Again, the seeds got through relatively unscathed, apart from Eldon 3rd team captain and 5/8 seed Matt Waddington who went down 3/0 against newcomer Chris Dunlavy! 

The 1st round games in the c event were much more competitive and tighter in general. Abdullah Malik beat Henry Allen 3-2 to advance to the semi final. Another close game saw Katy Stockwell overcome Wayne Dinning 3-1, where as Shef Popat beat Kevin Walls more convincingly 3-0..