Day 2 Report 2015

It's been an eventful and jam-packed 2nd Day at the ELS Club Championship!

In the A Event both of the 3/4 seeds fell in the Quarters, but the top 2 seeds made it through unscathed. The match of the day took place in the 2nd Semi-Final between no. 2 seed Eric Mok​ and unseeded Milo Mckenzie​, it was a thrilling and very closely-matched encounter which ended 3-2 in favour of Eric. So, the top 2 seeds, Rich Hodges and Eric Mok, advance to the A Final. (again!)

In the B Event, Umer Chughtai​ knocked out  3/4 seed Gary Jenkins to advance into the semis, however all other matches went in favour of the seeds. The 1st semi  saw the no.1 seed, Jim Owens beat Asmat Ullah Bajwa​ in a well contested 3-1. The 2nd B Event semi final was a fierce rivalry between no. 2 seed Andrew Webber​ and  Umer Chughtai, Andrew came through 3-1 to win the match (and bragging rights!) and advance into the B Final against Jim Owens.

The Ladies Event got under way today and the first round games went as expected with Vera Welleans, Clare Woroniuk​ and Jennifer Lumely joining Fiona Macfarlane​ in the semi-finals. We could be in store for some exciting Ladies/Ladies Plate finals tomorrow.

The highly anticipated and fan favourite Doubles Event started today, and the events that unfolded couldn't have been scripted! Group B was topped  by Wayne and Milo, who won all 3 of their games, and close runners up were Steve Drummond​ and Henry. Group A however was slightly more eventful, to say the least, as 3 of the 4 teams ended on the exact same score! This meant in-prompt-due playoffs had to take place which came right down to the wire; Martin Bone​ and Cameron Brown​ proceeded to the semis relatively comfortably, but the runner-up spot was taken by myself and Alan Coates by just one point!

Finals Day tomorrow will kick off at 10:30am with the Doubles Semis and will end with the ever entertaining A Event Final at around 4:30pm!

Adam Coates

ELS Club Championships 2015 - DAY 2