Day 1 Report

The 1st ever Eldon Doubles Open got away to an excellent start, with a lot of exciting and thrilling matches.


Game 1 : Mirek & Chris 1 - 3 The Birch Machines

This match was to earn a place in 1st round to play the Mattimore Express. The Birch Machines got away to the better start, adjusting to the doubles court faster. Mirek & Chris did come back into it, but didn’t have enough to win. Qualifying spot won by The Birch Machines.


Game 1 : Dream Crushers 2 - 3 JimJems

A tough fought battle in the first match of the main draw saw the Dream Crushers (current Eldon Club Championship Doubles Champions) lose 11-9 in the 5th, so the JimJems advanced to the quarter-finals of the main draw.

Game 2 : Brace Yourself 3 - 0 Miss-Hits

A well contested match between 2 junior teams, Max Foster and Joe Wareing (Brace Yourself) against Tegan Younger and Georgia Webster (Miss-Hits). Brace Yourself just had a little too much for Tegan and Georgia and advanced into the quarter finals. A great advert for Northumbria Juniors!

Game 3 : ICAMB Smashers 0 - 3 Chuckle Brothers

The Chuckle Brothers, Cai Younger and Michael Mackay, were too good for the ICAMB Smashers in this match and were able to move onto the quarters, where they would face the dangerous youngster team Brace Yourself.

Game 4 : The ESC 3 - 0 Kangaroo Coates

ESC made light work of the father and son team in the 1st game winning 11-4, but Kangaroo Coates put up a valiant effort in the 2 remaining games narrowly losing both 11-8. ESC moved on to the quarter-finals of the main draw.

Game 5 : Revolution 3 - 0 Old School

A game of contrasting styles saw the fast paced, hard hitting Revolution beat the O60’s county team, comprised of Colin McNestrie and Mike Cherryman. Revolution advanced to the quarter-finals where they would meet ESC.

Game 6 : Kamikaze Reapers 2 - 3 Karen & Phil

A very entertaining game, which produced some thrilling rallies. This could have gone either way, with several games going to sudden death, but Karen & Phil showed their experience and beat the juniors, Harry Little and Andrew Shipley to move to the quarters.

Game 7 : Team Evans 3 - 1 The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple got off to a strong start winning the 1st game, but Team Evans put their foot on the gas and won the next 3 games reasonably comfortably. They would face Karen & Phil in the quarters.

Game 8 : The Mattimore Express 3 - 0 The Birch Machines

The last match of the 1st round (main draw) saw the qualifiers face Liam Gutcher and Michael Mattimore (The Mattimore Express). Liam and Michael stamped their mark on the competition, winning the 1st game 11-0. The second game saw The Birch Machines win their first point, which was met by celebration by them and rapturous applause from the spectators. However, team Mattimore Express continued to dominate and moved into the quarters, where they would face the JimJems.

1st ROUND (PLATE) -  All 1st round losers dropped into the plate

Game 1: Mirek & Chris 0 -3 Dream Crushers

An all Eldon affair, where the Dream Crushers controlled the majority of the game, although there was the odd moment where Mirek & Chris looked they might be able to make a push to take a game. Dream Crushers into the plate semis.

Game 2 : Old School 1- 3 Kangaroo Coates

This game was more like an O60’s county team reunion, than a doubles match, with 3 of 4 players being part of the O60’s team.  The more youthful father and son team, Kangaroo Coates, prevailed in the end winning 3-1. They will face the Dream Crushers, another all Eldon encounter, in the plate semis.

Game 3 : Odd Couple 3 - 1 Kamikaze Reapers

This result was on a knife edge, with some very tight games, but The Odd Couple played some excellent squash to get past a strong Kamikaze Reapers team. The Odd Couple move on to the plate semis.

Game 4 : ICAMB Smashers 3 - 0 Miss-Hits

The ICAMB Smashers had a little too much power for the Miss-Hits to handle, which saw them run away as 3-0 winners. The ICAMB Smashers will face the Odd Couple in the plates semi-finals.


Game 1 : The ESC 3 -1 Revolution

This quarter-final encounter was feisty, heated and very entertaining with a shed load of brilliant shots. However, Revolution made a few too many errors and ESC were able to take advantage of that and march into the semis of the main draw.

Game 2 : Brace Yourself 3 -2 Chuckle Brothers

This match was the pick of the day as both team showed so much class during the marathon match. Cai and Michael (Chuckle Brothers) raced into a 2-0 lead, but the junior team of Max and Joe showed their patience along with clinical finishing during their amazing comeback. Onto the semi-finals for BraceYourself!

Game 3 : Karen & Phil 0 - 3 Team Evans

Team Evans continued their strong form from the previous round and thwarted their determined and skillful opponents, Karen & Phil. Team Evans will face Brace Yourself in the semis.

Game 4 : The Mattimore Express 3 - 1 JimJems

In this, the final match of the day, the in-form team of the tournament, the Mattimore Express, continued their dominance. The JimJems put up a valiant fight and did well to win a game, but Liam and Michael had too much for them in the end. The Mattimore Express will face ESC in the semis

Adam Coates